Friday, March 20, 2009


After Laida Magtalas leaned forward and gave her boyfriend, Miggy Montenegro; her powerful hug, she immediately followed it by a power kiss, a comforting and romantic scene in the blockbuster Pinoy movie - "You Changed My Life" - a double "kilig" to the movie viewers.

After a long loving hug followed by a slow tender kiss, a perfect kiss I might say will set your heart fluttering. Just like the power hug, "a kiss is the touching of one person's lips to another place, which is used as an expression of affection, respect, greeting, farewell, good luck, romantic affection or sexual desire" (See Wikipedia).

But a kiss is not just a kiss, - we give respect and love kiss to our parents, sister and brother, we give friendship kiss to our friends, we give care kiss to our pets.We give a warm, sweet, passionate and so much kiss to our spouse/partner.

But a kiss must be given with the purest intent to treasure the closeness you share with your other. Not just a peck on the lips or one hundredth of a second contact. Allow your thoughts to captivate the attention of your own lips. Think about all the moments that you have shared with your spouse, the instants that cause your heart to race and your skin to perspire. This is very important because these are the thoughts that should cross your mind during the seconds that pass while your lips hold the lips of your other half.

Remember that kissing brings couples closer together, it ignites the passion and maintains the best prelude to sex, palagay ko lahat ay sumasangayon sa akin sa bagay na ito.

And I was surprised to learn the a passionate kissing provides an endless list of health benefits from various medical websites such as Sound Medicine and WebMD, among them are:

  • it provides self esteem
  • it burns 2-3 calories a minute
  • effective stress-reliever
  • it helps exercise 30 facial muscles
  • it stabilize cardiovascular activity
  • prevents stomach, bladder and blood infections
  • relieves pain through the release of natural antibiotics (anesthetic) secreted in the saliva
  • increases levels of oxytocin that reduces anxiety
And whatever you do, never ever rush into a kiss, make sure there are no interruptions and there’s some privacy to enjoy the moment. And if you have no one presently to kiss, allow your first kiss to express all the desire and hope you long for.

Lastly, mutual attraction is essential to a great kiss. Without it, all you're doing is pressing your lips together, and you'll leave feeling unfulfilled and disappointed. Kissing is a way to show affection, to let someone know you really like them, and a passionate way to say "I LOVE YOU" - just like Laida and Miggy.

"Mangagbatian kayo ng halik ng pagibig.
Kapayapaan nawa ang sumainyong lahat na na kay Cristo."

(1 Peter 5:14)


  1. Lahat ng angles ng halik ay napagtuunang pansin, ah... biblical, medical, psychological, emotional, etc. Napakamakapangyarihan nga talaga itong halik! o",)

  2. Pare pa-kiss nga... hahaha!!!
    Halohalo ang post na ito pare...daming meaning...isang "POWER KISS" para sa blog mo...

  3. Para sa yo Mr. Pope...Power Kisses! Grabe nga talaga ang power ng kiss. Malalaman at malalaman mo yung intensity ng pakiramdam mo sa isang tao sa pamamagitan ng halik.

  4. Wow you seem so in love and you're inspired to post this "power kiss" hehehe. Naku dapat mapanood ko ang movie na "You Changed My Life" mukhang maganda at na inspired ka kasi na magblog about kiss. And I learned na the kiss burns 2-3 calories a minute?? dapat pala mas matagal para mas maraming maburn na calories at pumayat ako hahaha.

  5. You are all correct mga kaibigang RJ, Mokong Ron and Sardonyx, KISS IS SO POWERFUL, kaya nga I advised people TO KISS LONG AND KISS MORE.

    Salamat sa inyong mga pagdalaw.

  6. Naaliw ako sa post mo. Power hug last time, power kiss naman ngayon. Hmmm...I can't wait what's next.

    Para sa post mong ito, malugod kong iniaalay sa yo ang madamdaming awiting It's In His Kiss.

    Is it in his eyes?
    Oh no! You need to see!
    Is it in his size?
    Oh no! You make believe!
    If you wanna know
    If he loves you so
    Its in his kiss!
    That's where it is!

  7. Hahaha... nung nakaraan POWER HUG, ngaun naman POWER KISS... ano kayang susunod?

    Anyway, ang lahat makapangyarihan!

    The most memorable kiss I had was 21 years ago when I heard "You may now kiss the bride!".... Whew! It was not just a smack on her lips but it was a French kiss that lasted so long with everyone's mouth gaping as to how long it will last. I can call that a power kiss!

  8. Never been kissed pa ako kaya di pa ako makapag-share..Tsaka ayokong subukang humalik baka ayaw nang matanggal..hehe Anyway, More kisses, Pope..

  9. Hello my friend NJ, it has been believed that the couple exchanges spirits with their breath, and that part of each partner’s soul leaves to abide in the other.

    Today, however, the groom’s kiss is a part of the ceremony. It is a symbolic gesture to seal the sacred matrimonial vows just exchanged. The secret why brides cry while or after kissing, and the same reason why it is one of the most memorable kiss you have experienced in your life.

    And to you my friend Ruphael, really? never been kissed? And how about about touch? Well, don't rush, in God's time you'll soon find your kissing partner, and it might not be a perfect first kiss but definitely it will be a memorable one.

  10. "it burns 2-3 calories a minute"
    hhmnnn...hindi ko na pala kailangang mag diet. hehehe

    more kisses to come!

  11. may nakalimutan si nebz, meron pang power verses! hahaha!

    Ang cute ng ganun, pero di namin magawa sa public...

    talaga bang good sa health yung kissing? hmmmn, honey, saan ka, halika ka nga muna...

    hehehe (joke joke joke!!)

  12. home sick ako bro lalo na pag ganitong mga story! :)

  13. Maraming salamat sa alay mong kanta kaibigang Nebz.

    Yes my friend Jez, KISS LONG & KISS MORE para mas effective na workout exercise.

    Salamat sa pagdalaw Mr. Thoughtskoto, hindi nga puedeng public kissing lalo na sa Middle East.

    At Jesus, wag ka ng mahome-sick, ipunin mo na lang muna lahat ng halik na nasa labi, reserve it on your next vacation, hindi naman napapanis yan (hahahaha, joc-joc-joc)

    Salamat sa inyong pagdalaw, purihin kayo mga kaibigan.



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