Sunday, March 8, 2009

She Shall Be Called WOMAN

I am sending this message to all the women of the world, the "kababaihan", the grandmothers, mothers and sisters, in recognition to the International Women's Day which is currently celebrated in 56 countries around the globe right now (and on every 8th of March each year).

You have made your presence felt in the world that was once ruled by men in the field of politics, business & entertainment, science & technology, religion and sports. You have come a long way from Eve and have gained international respect in your own respected fields of achievements. However, disparity and gender gap exists in countries which praises human rights and the so called democratic nations of the West and the developing countries in the East.

There are still so many challenges and obstacles that women faces in this modern world, and I look forward and support the advocacy for women empowerment in a society.


  1. Dapat pala batiin ko ang aking nanay, the greatest woman in my life!

    Para sa okasyong ito, inihahandog ko sa yo ang awiting Babae ng Hagibis. Joke.

    Mas appropriate ang Babae Ka ni Susan Fernandez (the song won in Metropop so many years ago). Babae Ka is one of the most beautiful songs (for me ha) ever recorded for women.

    Babae ka.
    Kalahati ka ng buhay
    Kung ikaw kaya’y wala saan ang buhay ipupunla?
    Pinatunayan mong kaya mong ipaglaban
    Ang iyong karapatan at ganap na kalayaan.
    Ang pinto ng pag-unlad sa’yo ngayo’y nakabungad
    Harapin mo, buksan mo
    Ibangon ang iyong pagkatao

    Pag may chance ka, hanapin mo ung music nya and you will find out how appropriate the song is for today's IWD.

  2. Hat's off to all the women in the world!

    I remember a poem by William Wallace entitled, "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Is The Hand That Rules The World" that praises motherhood as the preeminent force for change in the world.

    I can't imagine a world without women.

  3. Love and respect women.. for WORLD PEACE!

  4. Thank you guys for the visit and joining me in the Int'l Women's Day.

    Nebz, I cannot remember the melody of the song Babae, I'll try to grab a copy.I am an OPM lover and I can't believe that I have already forgotten that song.

    And you are right Ron, life will be worthless kung walang babae, they were meant to be our partner in every aspect of life.

  5. Thanks for dropping a note Bro. Elyong.

  6. Pope thank you for recognizing women. Di ko alam sinicelebrate pala ito every March 8th, thanks for reminding me hehehe.

  7. Thanks for the dropping a note kaibigang Sardonyx, actually the same day ko lang nabasa yan, and have put it now in my calendar.



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